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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Need a Baby Shower Gift Idea?

My husband used to be a salesman and is good at it. He'll try to sell you on anything- his favorite cell phone company, his favorite shoe brand. He's spent more than one dinner conversation convincing someone that they need something. And this is an area where opposites must attract, because I'm the world's worst salesperson. I love what I do and believe that I sell quality products, but am too timid about trying to sell myself. A blog post like this makes me feel weird and all my words seem cheesy to me. But oh well, I have no choice; and the post must go on. So here we go...

I am now offering a 25% discount for all gift cards purchased for Newborn Photo Shoots. This is an excellent gift idea for a baby shower. Imagine how special it would be to give a mom-to-be professional photos that she can truly treasure forever.
Gift certifates can be purchased for any amount, and look something like this:
For more information, please contact me at

...maybe I should just hire my husband.


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