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Monday, January 3, 2011

Runners-Up to the 2010 Contest

My favorite time of year on the blog has become the annual favorite photo contest, and the 2010 edition is only days away! I had more trouble than ever this year narrowing it down to the final 12 contest photos.  I even solicited the help of my mom and three sisters because I was staring at 21 photos not wanting to cut a single one!
The photos that made the final cut were the ones that spoke to me the most as pieces of art. I loved the lighting or the perspective. However, this fall when our own family photos were taken by a friend of mine, it was funny how different I looked at those photos compared to how I look at a client's photos.  Suddenly I found myself scrutinizing the look on my child's face or whether or not the position I was in made me look like I'd eaten a case of donuts before the shoot. So I understand that my favorite may not have been your favorite, and that's why this year's first place prize is a $75 print credit toward anything from the session the winning photo was taken during.
My plan is to have the contest up and running on Friday; but for now, here's the first of two installments of some of the photos that were runners-up...




Keep watching...there's more to come!!


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