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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Personal Project

I'm taking a break for my own little personal project which happens to be wiggling inside of me right now. For those of you who haven't already seen me in my ginormous glory, I am due with our fourth child at the end of this month. I've finished my last day of shooting and officially started my maternity leave. The sheer joy of getting my whale-of-a-self up and down from the ground on that hot day made me confident that I had chosen the right time to take a breather.
I'll be back at the end of July and have already started to book appointments; so feel free to contact me if you would like to get your session on the calendar.
In the mean time, I don't plan on totally abandoning this blog. So check back for posts that will include pictures of our new addition; beautiful, new items that I'll be offering; and more!



Karin said...

Congratulations to the Birth of your most gorgeous baby. Ava is so adorable. All the best to you and your wonderful blessed Family!

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