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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Julia- {growing}

When I arrived at Julia's house, she was snuggled on the couch, sucking her thumb and clinging to her blankie. I have a special place in my heart for the cuteness of a thumb-sucker since ALL four of my baby's have been lover's of the thumb. Julia was sweet and vivacious, and took thumb breaks at the rate I take coffee breaks.

She also was a tender little momma, often stopping to hold her baby or push it on her tricycle. And like any good 17 month old, she kept me running! Besides Miss Julia, the other thing I was smitten with was her mother's handiwork in the form of a knit tea and cupcakes set. (Joan, if you ever start selling them, I'll be your first customer!)

So here is the blond-haired, blue-eyed tiny beauty they call Julia...










As always, Julia's parents will receive a free 5x7 of their choice if you leave them a little blog love. They just need to get 25 different comments in the next 5 days to be eligible.


bella, joan, brian, and julia said...

Alyssa! These are amazing! We can't wait to see the rest. Let me know about the crochet tea sets...I will totally make you one! -Joan

Anonymous said...

Can I be your second customer for the tea set! Love the pics!

annalisa and alexander said...

gorgeous pictures of an adorable niece! and those cupcakes look almost as good as the ones you sent us for our birthdays!!!

Jenna said...

What a doll!! These are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, how adorable!!!!

Dee Dee said...

Alyssa really captured Julia's personality in all these pictures. I really love the close-up of Julia's beautiful big blue eyes. They are all terrific pictures!!

Gail Brainard said...

Joan and Brian - your mom told me about the beautiful pictures. Couldn't wait to see them. Alyssa is just adorable - and what beautiful blue eyes! Great Photography!

Tiffany said...

absolutely adorable pics! if only alyssa could come to pittsburgh...!

Katie said...

These pictures are just amazing. A perfect combination of good genes and great artistry.

Grandma said...

We've been on vacation so I hope you can wait a little longer for Julia's comments to accumulate. You have a fantastic eye for pix of children. I adore the one of Julia in a chair with the sun's rays spotlighting her! How did you ever do that??

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